Just wonder sometimes….

I know as Christians, we do what we can to help others, even go so far as to love the “unloveable”,  but is there a line to draw?

My wife and I truly love the Lord with all of our hearts, seek His guidance on everything, and are totally devoted to each other.  God has placed us in many situations where we give everything, all we have to the person or persons we are ministering too.  Not asking anything of the recipient of our love….  But recently, we have found on a couple of situations that the person receiving is now not talking to us, or even as one person put it, “hate” us!  We did what we could to help one friend.  Tried to mentor, give guidance, love, sacrifice…. We did all of this with no thought of reward, but to glorify God, and to bring this person to a personal level with Jesus Christ.   Today… it ended. A couple of words were said, a couple of actions were manifested, and he walked out with another person, one of his relatives who we were also trying to mentor and love.   I won’t go into any details on what happened, just to say that we opened our house, fed this person, loved on this person, provided stability.  Then the person in question turns around to challenge me as a role model, tells me I’m never happy, and attempts to strike me while I’m trying to make sense of what happened.

We risked our business by letting this person take care of their own problems, offered phone, food, etc. And now because we asked for respect for our business, the people in it, and our own convictions, that person is angry, told us that we were trying to run his life, and hates us.

Now what?  We dropped the relatives clothes off to them, they couldn’t even come out to get them, the friend sent out his children’s mother to get the things from the car.  Where did we go wrong?  How did we get to this place?  All the long talks with no regard to time, the prayer sessions, the driving around helping him find a job.  Again, doing this for nothing else but to do the things to help this person.  And now because of a few words, challenging this person to step up to be a parent, and step out of the situation that is bringing him down.

We love these two people with only the love that Christ can give, wanting nothing for ourselves, but the pain, and hurt, and confusion that is accompanying this whole ordeal leaves us in a place of question.  Do we continue to do things for others? Of course.   Do we open up our hearts once again? I think so….  But it makes us wonder after this, and another situation how much do we give of ourselves?  And do we do it at the risk of our own well being….  God only knows… and one day, Lord willing, we will know.