And now the confirmation….

It’s amazing how most of us are like Gideon in the Old Testament… “Are you sure, God?  Are you talking to me?”  Some of us just don’t understand how God speaks, some of us DO understand but don’t hear.   And then there are some of us that just don’t listen.

It is vital to every Christ Follower’s life to be constantly in the Word, in prayer and constant fellowship with the Father.   THAT is when we hear HIM.

How can we expect to hear the Father speak to us if we are daily trudging through life, worrying about what’s next, biting our nails to the bit wondering how we’re going to get by.

Jesus Christ said it well, when He was speaking to the multitudes in Matthew 6:34 “Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.”

He even said our hairs are numbered, and how much the Father loves and cares about us.  So why do we worry so much, and what is so awful about spending quality time with the Father?

Darlene and I, on many different levels get so excited when God is speaking to us, and loves us so much that He wants to use us in His divine plan!

Getting excited about reading the Word, praying, praising…it’s all about HIM!  So, the next time we bite our nails, just remember that the Father has already been there, took care of it, and now guides us through the process.  Life should be pure joy despite the trials….

The Father provides true peace, so we should just go for it, jump in the pool, get wet, then set our selves on fire in the warmth of the Beloved Father and the exciting plans He has for us!!


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