What do ya do?

Darlene and I have made it a point to do whatever we can for people, both the deserved and the undeserved. God makes the decision who deserves it or not, but we have the responsibility to do service no matter what.
Ever feel like you just dropped the ball and went the other direction? There are a few people in our travels that we feel that we did our absolute best, but now they are upset with us, feel like we wronged them. We being the caring people, we question what we did, how we did it, and what were our motives?
For one, God gave me a word for a friend of ours, but told me not to share it with her until she is ready. This gave me time to pray over it, timing, presentation, etc.
I made the mistake of slipping and telling her that I would have a word for her when she was ready for it. Well, she got it out of me, and of course it went in the direction of offending and being argumentative. Now she doesn’t talk to us, blames us for her weight fluctuation, her moods, etc.
There are others. Different circumstances. There have been people that we have taken in and got burnt on. There are people that we tried to help but couldn’t. There is this one fella that our heart goes out to but feeling pressure that he is expecting results when they depend on the responses of others. We have no money to help with so it puts us into a bind because we really want to help others.
So… does one just say, “well, I can’t do anything, so no use dwelling on it” or do we just keep beating a dead horse, so to speak?
I personally worry about what others think of me, not out of vanity, but how others would perceive Christ IN me. So the fear of others not liking me, or thinking I am being contradictory bothers me greatly. Not quite sure what this blog’s purpose is, but it certainly isn’t making me feel any better…
I love my fellow man. I love my Christian brothers and sisters. I feel like if I don’t do something, I’m being selfish because I am trying not to get burnt out.
I wish others that we have tried to help could see that it isn’t all about them either and making me feel like I am enabling them.
Father. Give me to strength and the knowledge to figure it out, and do the right thing.