This has been a year of changes. About this time 2 years ago (2011) we were praying God’s will whether the Bookstore should stay open. So we put a fleece to the Father, and asked Him that if it was His will, then the landlord would come in by the end of January. Well he did, and we started making preparations to close. This was a bittersweet moment as the last days were upon us in February. It was a burden financially, but the ministry aspect was still going on at the time.
During the last week, a fella had walked into the bookstore thinking it was the cheesecake shop a couple of doors over. We told him where it was and he exited promptly. A few minutes later we saw him walk by the store with his purchase… then he walked back and came in. “I’m supposed to be in here” he said. We talked awhile, he picked out a few things, asked some questions about the Bible which he was having a rough time with. We gave him one that was easy to read and gave him some pointers. He wanted some wall hangings that were given to me, and we really didn’t want to sell them, even as broke as we were. He made and offer and bought them.
We got on the subject of cars, and how ours was getting ready to die.. how we just got rid of one that someone gave us.
He said he would try to fix it….and we told him we really couldn’t pay for it. He assured us that it wouldn’t be a problem. (he ended up working for a local car dealership in the maintenance department) He told us that he would be picking up the van at Walgreens (where I work) and give us a rental until it was fixed. Again, we reminded him that we couldn’t pay for it. Again, reassurance..
We thought that he’ll be gone and we’ll never hear from him again… but that following Monday, he was there with his crew AND A PT Cruiser for a rent-a-car!! He took the van, left me with the rental..and it was a month before we heard from him. When we did, he told us he couldn’t fix the van but that he can get us in a newer car. AGAIN, we told him we couldn’t afford it, we will come get the van, and be done with it. He told us that he was giving us one and that there was some adjustments that he had to make, then we could come pick it up.
So we got it. Prayed with him for some upcoming surgeries.. and that was the end. Never heard from him again.
God puts people in our paths for a reason.
During this time, God had told us that we had to get out of our ministries at our church, in which Dar was head of Women’s and I was head of Men’s… treasurers, boys group leader..etc.
He said that He was moving us. So, just like when we opened the store… reluctantly, but obediently, we complied, talked to the pastor, and told him what we must do….
About the same time, some friends of ours got the Pastor position at a nearby church and had made mention that they needed youth leaders… We prayed about it and left the other church with the blessings of that church…slowly leaving, and then we started going to the new church. For awhile we weren’t sure WHY God sent us there, but we knew that HE did… we are starting to see the reasons for this now….
I lost my uncle this year, and so many different changes in our lives this year along… many blessings to go along with the changes also…
Since the closing of the bookstore, Darlene is now a nanny for a friend of ours in which Dar was watching her little girl on occasion….
I lost my uncle this year and when I lost my uncle, I was assured that he went to be with Jesus…which was an amazing feeling and comfort.
2013, we will continue our ministry of comforting the “churched”, encouraging them to remain in their walks…
Darlene is continuing the Bible studies she has held every Friday for FOUR YEARS!!
I recently got a promotion at Walgreens as a shift leader…
I am now a member on the advisory board of the church, we share youth advisor capacity…
As we continue our journey with the Lord, we are reminded of being obedient to our Father…doing the work that Christ has put us to task with…
Working in retail, I am reminded that this occupation could not be any closer to the Christian life…
Being Jesus to those who don’t know Him, loving the “unlovable” and being kind, even when it feels like you’re pulling teeth…
I praise God for the wife He picked to be my soulmate…the changes in my kids lives, and the awesome journey that we are on… a daily journey.


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