God or god?

Hm, what, pray tell do you mean by that Mike?  Well, I’ll  tell ya.

See, I am getting overwhelmed by the disregard for the reverence of God, Jesus, and The Bible.  I have seen even the “believers” use lowercase to describe, GOD, JESUS, OR THE BIBLE!

As a rule, when I am talking about the Trinity (Deity of God), anything about who The Lord Jesus is, who God is, or what the Bible stands for, I, out of reverence for the CHRIST who saved me, and the GOD who extended His grace, use capital letters.

Does that make me anal retentive?  Maybe.  But the English language has taken a real beating over the past several years with the advent of the technological age.

LOL, LMBO, ROFL, etc… are ALL capitalized!  I is  capitalized when referring to myself.  So, why wouldn’t GOD or JESUS be capitalized??

I have noticed a lot of folks lately, when referencing God, Jesus, the Bible, etc… that they refer in lower case letters… now I’m not a grammatical genius, and I understand that there are those that are not in agreement with me, or any Christian for that matter… But, if  (I) am going to capitalize (I) and not capitalize GOD… then I think that it is not being reverent.

Even though APA rules say that he, him, or his does not need to be capitalized when referencing God or Jesus, I do so anyway…out of reverence.

I won’t try to put my hang ups on those of you that haven’t come to the realization that God, not A god created the universe. Jesus, not a guy named jesus, died on the cross for our sins…

The BIBLE…is not just a comic book called the bible.. and/or a self help book, like the “handyman’s bible” or “a cook’s bible”

It is the inherent WORD of GOD…. in text form, given to us to live our lives accordingly, knowing GOD’S WILL for our lives!!

So, the next time you use I to describe yourself, and god to describe OUR FATHER… then, give it some thought…that maybe intentional or not… you might be putting down God, or just simply being IRREVERENT!

For this same reason…I do not capitalize “satan” ~

Hope I gave some food for thought here!





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