I just wanna QUIT!!

I know… “losers never win, and winners never quit” something like that.

At my job that I love, there are folks there that just come and collect a paycheck and go home. They do the exact minimum that they have to do to qualify doing work.

I, on the other hand, will work my behind off, trying to get jobs done, sometimes at the expense of taking breaks and/or lunch. There are those that the first thing they talk about in the morning is what breaks they will be taking! UGH!

No work ethic…and what’s worse, there are Christians out there with this type of ethic!! I just wanna quit!

But, let’s look at the church part, like teaching Bible studies, preaching a sermon, or teaching a youth group!

At a couple teaching venues, there was some disrespect, and sometimes it is ongoing. But, Darlene and I have stepped back to look at what was going on, and going, wow what are we even doing?

God gave us a mission. He told us to go teach, preach, spread, help, encourage.. those that need preached to, spread on, helped, and encouraged…. We teach at our expense, but to the encouragement of others. Our youth group that we lead meets on Wednesdays, and we are there without fail, why? Because God gave us this mission, and there are a few there that absolutely count on us being there… but in the middle of trying to teach, you hear mumbling, and you hear others talk, not even listening to the lesson you worked so hard to prepare. At one of our venues one night we just sat there, listening to everyone just ramble…noone was even addressing us, conversations going on between the “students” ADULT STUDENTS!!

Then, here comes the thought, “why are we even doing this?” Have we overstayed our welcome…”God, are we done?” We don’t do it to get paid, get recognition, or anything like that. We do it because God gives us these messages for the distraught, the undelivered, the depressed, the worn, tired…. But then you see this and think, do they even care about what we’re trying to teach them, or is this just social hour?

I watch our Pastor preach, and look around at people laughing, joking, on their cell phones, or just flat out NOT LISTENING! This happens alot!

Here’s the thing. When I purposely go anywhere to get fed, taught, or to learn something… that person, the teacher, pastor, Bible study leader, etc… they have my FULL, UNDIVIDED ATTENTION!!

What is wrong with people now adays? If you’re not going to pay attention, please, feel free to leave, or DON’T COME!

So, here comes the quitting part. We actually considered just quitting! Of course you can run all over the scenario’s like, satan is planting seeds and discouraging us, or whatever scenario you can think of. But you get tired of preparing, or asking people to be involved with a project, and they don’t appreciate it, or simply, don’t show up for a project they’ve committed to!

As Christians, and these are the people I am talking about, we have lost all respect for authority, or teachers, or preachers, or leaders… we got our own stuff going on, who cares about anyone else?

Then you have committed, devoted teachers and preachers working hard to present a message to deaf ears… sort of like the song Eleanor Rigby, by the Beatles “Father McKenzie
Writing the words of a sermon that no one will hear

The church has become a watered down “institution” with feel good praise and worship, and hyped up preachers, making church FUN so people will come to hear a watered down message that makes you feel good, when the very essence of Jesus Christ is being pushed back and ignored…

And folks like us, husband and wife preaching/teaching team, want to provide the purest form of Jesus we can present to people that just don’t want to hear it!!

I know, this sounds like a rant, like most blogs are. But how many good hearted, Bible believing Christians are out there just wanting to give up, like we did.

The difference is that God assigned us, told us not to get comfortable, EVER and gave us this mission in which He has not given us a release from…

So, we can’t quit. And neither should the others… but there are “Christians” out there just destroying the very essence of the Church of Jesus, that it doesn’t even matter anymore!

The nice cushy church is the norm, and the teaching of true Christ, True Christianity is the exception…

Nah, we won’t quit. satan can continue to put these thoughts in my head…. but if more of us would realize it and step on his head…the MESS we are in as a church, would certainly PROCLAIM… THE MESSAGE OF JESUS CHRIST!!

Peace, Mike