About Us

Hi, I am Mike Grimm, writer of this blog and a follower of Jesus Christ.

I am married to a wonderful woman, Darlene, who co-encourages with me, and we work to encourage each other.

I write these blogs, prompted by the Holy Spirit to put forward out into the World…in hope’s that there will be ONE person reading it that will be encouraged!

These words are meant to make people that DON’T know Christ, want Him more, and those that DO know Christ want Him even more!  We struggle as Christian’s everyday…and I am no different.  Take a gander around, read the words that the “Holy Spirit” inspired in me, and take a look at our links on the top and the side.

Now…This all started with a Christian bookstore called, Words Written in Red in 2009.  God lead us to open it, and boy has it been a ride!!

Words Written In Red is Mike and Darlene Grimm. Our ministry slowly started as the bookstore fleshed out, our purpose for being there became more clear as time went on.

We are a Christian couple, with a desire to Serve the Lord. After closing the bookstore early in 2012, we felt God wanting us to continue the ministry as an encouragement ministry… So we offer up Godly advice, thru scripture and one on one ministry.  Encouraging our brothers and sisters to “remain in the faith”… Now, ordained Pastors, God is giving us the next step in the vision that He gave us, which is to build a church around that vision.  A church that will be a “base of operations” more than it will be a “social club” ~ But that is on the forefront and coming fast…stay tuned!  Click the icon below for the Facebook Link!:The Way Bible Church

With all that said, our passion is outreach.  Showing Christ to people that don’t know Him yet.  Shedding light to a dark world, through the Fathers guiding hand ……encouraging, exhorting, loving, passionately…

IN Jesus Christ, Mike and Darlene Grimm


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